Insulated Window Panes

Tired of looking through that steamed up window or patio door? In
a high majority of windows, the only solution is to replace the
insulated glass. This cuts out the unnecessary expense of
purchasing an entire new window, providing savings to the customer
while offering an equally effective solution.
By manufacturing our own insulated glass, Siemers Glass minimizes
the turn around time on replacement. If you bring your window to us,
we can normally have you pick it up the same day.
Siemers Glass does offer on-site insulated glass installation in your
home or business. We stock common sizes of tempered patio units:
28 x 76, 34 x 76, and 22 x 64. Insulated glass is available in clear, gray,
bronze, or Low-E glass. Siemers Glass is able to match any existing
windows you may have in your home or business.